Internet Connected Holiday Lights

IOT_LEDsAs mentioned in the big holiday showcase earlier last week, ’tis the season for colorful lights, but turning them on and off can be a real pain. Timers and remote switches can make things easier, but there’s got to be a better way!


Luckily, the Internet of Things is here to save the day and bring an extra sparkle to the holidays. This project not only allows you to turn your lights on and off, but also to change color based on the weather forecast or any other event trigger of your choosing.


So, let’s talk a bit about what this all involves!


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Prop & Costume Maker Show & Tell at the SoDo MakerSpace!

The Skyrim Family and Richard

Some friends from ECCC 2016 visiting from the North!



Happy Saturday Everyone! We’ve got a special gathering to announce that’s coming up next week Thursday at 7:30 PM!


Do you have a costume or replica prop projects that you want to share with fellow makers outside of a convention setting? Well, Thursday night is the night to do it! Join us for our inaugural Prop & Costume Maker Show & Tell!


Bring your projects, both completed and works-in-progress, to share and talk shop with fellow costume and prop makers, including Bill and Brittany Doran of Punished Props and Will James of Billythebrick Cosplay! Get to know your fellow prop and costume makers in the local Seattle area! Check out the facilities and tools available to you here, at our busy little maker space! And last but not least, do all this and more over pizza!


Sign up today! RSVPing and attendance are free, but should you want to contribute to the pizza fund, feel free to donate $5 (or more)!


Have a great weekend and we hope to see all of you on Thursday!

Laser Cut Holiday Ornament Extravaganza!

Hiya’ folks,


As mentioned last week, we have a lot of great holiday projects going on at the SoDo Makerspace. I’m joined today by Brian Jaffe, our in-house videographer, to talk about some of them! In particular, our laser cut holiday ornaments!


For my ornaments, I made two sets that, at least personally, are not only emblematic of the holidays, but are also designed to evoke a kind of nostalgia–one that reminds me of some of my favorite Christmas mornings during my childhood.


Holiday Deer Ornaments - Tony

Holiday Tree Ornaments - Tony


It was important for me to have optional mix-and-match pieces, whether antlers or treetop ornaments, as part of my design. For most, it’ll be a nice little bit of customization that they can change on their ornaments whenever they feel like. For me however, I intended it to be evocative of the action figures I used to own in the 80s and 90s that always came with a ton of optional accessories. In particular…

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SoDo Makerspace Holiday Project Showcase!

Season’s greetings, friends!


We’ve got a lot going on in the Makerspace this month, so we thought it would be helpful to give a little preview of the holiday projects we’ve been working on to offer you!


In a rush to find the perfect gift? Or looking for a special kind of customizable, locally designed and made holiday decor? We’ve got your back! Stop by and ask us about any and all of these projects and we’ll get you set up to either make them yourself or we can make them for you!


IoT Holiday Lights by Richard Albritton




The Internet of Things doesn’t have to be limited to porch lights, garage doors, and refrigerators, nor should it be limited to the realms of big tech companies. Our in-house electronics maven, Richard Albritton, has made an easy to assemble and control Internet-connected string of holiday lights, complete with color and animation-cycle control through any web browser!


Light-up Electronic Cards by Jennifer Fox


Light-up Holiday Cards - JenFoxBot


Christmas cards are cool, but you know what’s cooler? Cards that light up that you hand-make to give to someone you know and love! We featured this neat bit of holiday tech last week, and its designer and creator, JenFox, wants everyone who wasn’t able to swing by for its first two workshops to still be able to make one for themselves. Stop by in the next few weeks and ask her about it!


MyOpen3D Prusa i3+ and 3D Printing 101 Bundle




Our 3D printing partners at MyOpen3D have bundled their Prusa i3+ 3D printer and their 3D Printing 101 class for $1129 (a $116 discount) for the rest of December. We featured this deal on our blog last week too, but it’s worth revisiting since, due to popular demand, the sale has been extended beyond “Cyber Monday.” A substantial holiday gift and a steal for anyone interested in diving right into 3D printing!


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Our 3D Printer friends are having a sale for the Holidays!

Heya’ folks,


It’s a double post Monday! The reason? Our 3D printing partners at are offering up an awesome deal on their DIY 3D printer kit and their 3D Printing 101 class, just in time for the holidays.


A long time ago in an industrial district far, far away, we started out at the ‘Space using off-the-shelf 3D printers. We’ve since graduated to using MyOpen3D’s amazing Prusa i3+ variants, and we can’t praise them enough. The old printers were slow, closed source printers that were broken and in need of manufacturer service more often than not, whereas MyOpen3D’s are much faster, more robust machines that see virtual 24-7 use. With (personal!) 3D printing being such a new technology, we can’t stress how important it is to have a printer that works reliably and quickly, which is what MyOpen3D’s kits offer in a great DIY open source package.


Should you or anyone you know be in the market for one, please feel free to swing by the Makerspace to check them and our 3D printing 101 class out! And definitely, do so soon to take advantage of this awesome holiday offer!


Holiday Workshop Special: Make a Light-Up Card!

Two examples of light-up holiday cards!

Two examples of light-up holiday cards!


This holiday season, we’re pleased to offer special workshops to help ease the gift-giving craze, led by yours truly, Jennifer Fox! Learn the basics of circuits and craft a personalized light-up card to dazzle and impress friends and family. We’ll also have paper circuit kits for sale as gifts or for your own nefarious crafting purposes! (Muahahaha! Or…wait…should it be “Hohoho?”)


We are offering this workshop twice during the month of December:

1. Wednesday December 7th @ 6:00 – 7:30 PM

2. (LADIES ONLY) Sunday December 11th @ 2:00 – 3:30 PM.


Register now to reserve a spot!


And yes, this would certainly make an awesome workshop to do with friends and family, or your office or school. Please contact us soon to set up this event!

Wine Barrel Candle Holders

Hi, I’m Jeremy Hanson. Before joining the SoDo Makerspace and working on all kinds of fun, exciting projects full-time, I was a part of a company called ReWork Nation. ReWork specialized in upcycling projects that gave unique items that were rich in history, but too old or worn out for their original purposes, a second lease on life.


One of those project were these wine barrel staves (which is basically the individual “ribs” of wood that comprise the body of the wine barrel) that we made into candle holders. The festive finished product you see below is after my mom decorated one of them for the holidays.




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Brace Yourselves…The Holidays Are Coming

Heya’ folks,



So it’s almost that time of year again, and if we were to hazard a guess, some of your are probably nervously counting down the days until the last minute dash to find that perfect gift for friends and loved ones.


To relieve some of that stress, the SoDo Makerspace has a humble suggestion: come down and see what you can make for those special people in your life! We’ve got a handful of holiday projects for anyone of any skill level to jump right into, from laser cutting nutcracker ornaments to 3D printing snowflakes and even Internet-connected Christmas lights. Of course, if you’ve got ideas of your own, we totally encourage you to come down to get started on making them a reality too.


Whether you’re looking to avoid the rush or you’ve already got the perfect bespoke thing in mind, the SoDo Makerspace has got you covered this holiday season!

Resident Maker featured in Make: Weekend Watch!



Heya’ folks!


Happy Tuesday! We usually don’t post today, but something really cool happened to one of our fellow makers this weekend and we can’t pass up the opportunity to both share our congrats as well as her content since, to be fair, it’s pretty choice stuff.


Thanks to her consistent output of phenomenal (and educational!) content, the prolific Jennifer Fox (aka jenfoxbot)’s stellar YouTube Channel was featured on Saturday’s Make: Weekend Watch. Most of you will already be familiar with Make and Make Magazine, as they’re a pretty big institution in our maker community. Thus, this spotlight is pretty special to us, and is great news for our very own Jen Fox.

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Programming Hardware 101 is this Saturday!

Heya’ folks,


Electronics and programming can be an intimidating duo when it absolutely shouldn’t be. Let our in-house electronics expert, Richard Albritton, show you just how easy it is in his Programming Hardware 101 class. Check out the video below for a little preview of what Richard has lined up:


Adafruit’s Circuit Playground is one of the most popular, versatile, and inexpensive pieces of hardware currently available (when it’s in stock, of course), and we’ve got a bunch for anyone interested in learning the ins and outs of programming. Learn how to light it up its integrated NeoPixel LEDs and how to make it react to sensor data like its accelerometer, light, and noise sensors. You can even program it to react to touch, much like your mobile devices!

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