Hello World! Introducing SODO MakerSpace Memberships

Hello Makers,


We are excited to announce that memberships are now available!


We started three years ago with a few volunteers and a handful of tools. Since then, we’ve worked with hundreds of makers, businesses large and small, and we’ve vastly expanded the tools and capabilities we offer to our local community. We’re shifting to a community-supported membership model to further our mission to provide education, tools, workspace, and a community aimed at empowering people to make anything they can dream up. We’d love to have your support. Here are the details of our membership services, available starting February 1st.


Non-members are still welcome to attend our free tours, hire us for fabrication or consulting, and attend classes at regular price.


We are beginning with one tier of membership, and four ways to pay:


Option 1: Monthly – 3 month increments – $35/mo

Option 2: Yearly – $29/month ($348 total)

Option 3: Day Pass – $25/day

Option 4: Day Pass Multi-Pack – $100/4 days


Since we’re always looking to provide service that best suits our customers, we welcome your feedback. As such, the above rates are subject to change.


Membership will include the following (as available):



Soldering Stations

Laptops with design software

Hand tools

Access to Machines (certifications and rates vary): 

  • Vinyl Cutter – $50 Certification, $0.50/min
  • Laser Cutter – $148 Certification, $1/min
  • CNC Machines –
    • Large 4’x5′ – $148 Certification, $1/min
    • Small – Shapeoko – $148 Certification, $1/min

*After initial certification, pay just $50 (30 minutes) to be certified on the second CNC machine.

  • Sewing machines – $50 Certification, unlimited use
  • 3D Printers – $148 Certification, discounted member pricing (varies with print volume, filament, etc. Please see cost calculator on-site)


Please contact us with any questions, comments, or concerns. We look forward to making an innovative, thriving community with you. Sign up for membership today!

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