Holiday Scarf



Every year, I pull out my holiday scarf the day after Thanksgiving and wear it prominently all the way to New Year’s Eve. It not only helps to keep the cold out, but it is a holiday spectacle as well.


Holiday Scarf 4


The scarf is made of red and green fleece cut into tassels to resemble pine needles, while colored wool balls and sparkly red yarn act as the bauble-like decorations on this holiday wreath-like piece of apparel. However, the real draw to this project is the embedded LEDs.


Holiday Scarf 2


Inside of the scarf are many Neopixels separated by about 7 inch of wire. Neopixels are individually addressable, which basically means they’re full color LEDs that can be individually controlled. This project uses a small PCB called the LEDiva™ to change colors, animations, and allows it to react to movement. 

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