MISSION ACCOMPLISHED: Our Inaugural Costume & Prop Show & Tell



Good news everyone!


Our first Costume and Prop Show & Tell was a huge, well-attended success! And in spite of it taking place on a Seahawks game night, no less!





About thirty intrepid, diehard costumers and replica prop makers braved the game night traffic to show off their hard work and socialize over pizza. As you can see above, our local cosplay and prop community had a fair bit of stuff to share with each other.





Local cosplay and prop professionals came out en force too. Above, you’ll notice Bruce Campb–err, Brian Morris of Zak Labs as an almost identical Ash from the Evil Dead series of films.



Future cosplay class and workshop maestro Will James of Billythebrickcosplay also dropped by to show off his work-in-progress Kanan Jarrus (of Star Wars: Rebels) cosplay and some of his Voltron: Legendary Defender props. 





Local cosplay superstars Bill and Brittany Doran of Punished Props were also in attendance. Credit where credit is due, they put in a heroic effort in getting the word out about this meet up, making it the success that it was. Huge thanks go out to them!




Of course, this won’t be the last time we have an event like this. As implied by this post’s title, it’s the first of many that we’re planning to host. We want to ensure that our local costume and prop community have a way to regularly socialize and share their progress on projects between conventions rather than during them, where meetings are often all too brief.





In terms of turnout, our meet up was amazingly eclectic too, as local hackers and makers that weren’t necessarily into comics, games, or TV shows also came out to represent. As seen above, Seattle-newcomer and costume/couture designer Philip Estrada showed off one of his wicked pirate costumes. Below, SoDo neighbor and artist-hacker extraordinaire Scotland Symons showed off her amazing (and fully functional!) flamethrower guitar and bass combo (inspired by Mad Max Fury Road, of course).





So, all in all, a smashing success! If you weren’t able to attend, be sure to stay tuned as we’ll likely be announcing our next big meet up early next year ahead of Emerald City Comic Con. And, even if you aren’t able to make that one, fear not–there will be even more meet ups in 2017 and onward!


Until next time, happy holidays!


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