SoDo Makerspace Holiday Project Showcase!

Season’s greetings, friends!


We’ve got a lot going on in the Makerspace this month, so we thought it would be helpful to give a little preview of the holiday projects we’ve been working on to offer you!


In a rush to find the perfect gift? Or looking for a special kind of customizable, locally designed and made holiday decor? We’ve got your back! Stop by and ask us about any and all of these projects and we’ll get you set up to either make them yourself or we can make them for you!


IoT Holiday Lights by Richard Albritton




The Internet of Things doesn’t have to be limited to porch lights, garage doors, and refrigerators, nor should it be limited to the realms of big tech companies. Our in-house electronics maven, Richard Albritton, has made an easy to assemble and control Internet-connected string of holiday lights, complete with color and animation-cycle control through any web browser!


Light-up Electronic Cards by Jennifer Fox


Light-up Holiday Cards - JenFoxBot


Christmas cards are cool, but you know what’s cooler? Cards that light up that you hand-make to give to someone you know and love! We featured this neat bit of holiday tech last week, and its designer and creator, JenFox, wants everyone who wasn’t able to swing by for its first two workshops to still be able to make one for themselves. Stop by in the next few weeks and ask her about it!


MyOpen3D Prusa i3+ and 3D Printing 101 Bundle




Our 3D printing partners at MyOpen3D have bundled their Prusa i3+ 3D printer and their 3D Printing 101 class for $1129 (a $116 discount) for the rest of December. We featured this deal on our blog last week too, but it’s worth revisiting since, due to popular demand, the sale has been extended beyond “Cyber Monday.” A substantial holiday gift and a steal for anyone interested in diving right into 3D printing!


An Avalanche of Laser Cut Holiday Pieces:


Holiday Ornaments - Tony & Richard


One thing the laser cutter is great for is making ornaments, either for a tree or a window display. Most of our designs are freely available for anyone to swing by and cut on our machine; we even offer material onsite, should you need it!


The elaborately detailed nutcracker to the center-left of the above picture was built by Richard. Its design was based on a papercraft nutcracker found in a recent print edition of the Seattle Times. With some modification in a vector art program, Richard redesigned the papercraft plans for use with quarter inch plywood. It’s now a sturdier and even slightly functional nutcracker–a huge upgrade from its humble newspaper roots!


Holiday Cervidae Ornaments - Tony


Flanking the nutcracker are my “action figure” Holiday Cervidae (or, y’know, “deer”) ornaments and Christmas tree, cut from eighth inch plywood. I designed these simple ornaments to have mix-and-match optional parts, such as antlers or treetop ornaments, kind of like how old action figures used to be packaged with a bunch of different accessories. I designed these ornaments with the notion that they’d make perfect holiday window displays though if you’d like them to hang from your tree, we can of course arrange extra cuts to accommodate ribbons to hang them with.


Holiday Tree Ornaments - Tony


Brian Jaffe - Ornaments 3MB

Feeling in the mood for picking up (or gifting!) ornaments that are a little more personalized however? Well, Brian Jaffe has you covered! Brian’s got personalized stocking and holiday bauble ornaments ready to be cut on demand from quarter inch plywood. 


Brian's Holiday Ornaments & Eric's Dish Markers


Ever host a party with wine, platters of cheese, crackers, and other tasty, plated morsels? Well, our co-founder, Eric Renn, has a nifty solution for fancy festive feasts and the like with these food markers featured above!


Personalized Growler Totes and Kids Animal Shelves by Tafara Pulse


Tafara Pulse has two very impressive woodworking projects on offer this holiday season that were stylized by the laser cutter rather than constructed solely by it. The first is the growler tote below, which was finished with a blowtorch and customized with a raster engraving on the laser cutter.


Personalized Growler Tote - Seared Finish - Corner


And then there’s Tafara’s exceptionally adorable animal shelf. As you might have guessed, the elephant backing board and personalized name were cut on the laser cutter, while Tafara built the shelving in the wood shop.


Personalized Animal Shelf 1


Wine Cork Coasters and Trivets by Jeremy Hanson & Elizabeth Kurihara


Cork Trivet 5 - Jeremy Hanson and Liz Kurihara


In yet another innovative approach to upcycling wine-related materials, our Jeremy Hanson (whom you may remember from the wine stave candle holders we featured a little while ago) and Elizabeth Kurihara have designed these snow-flake patterned trivets and coasters made from old wine bottle corks. As you’ll notice, they have a few unique sizes and configurations–just like real snowflakes!  


Cork Trivet 1 - Jeremy Hanson and Liz Kurihara


Last But Not Least…Introducing Our All New Gift Certificates!


Laser Cutter Cert 


Last but not least, we’re proud to finally debut gift certificates at the SoDo Makerspace! Feeling like gifting that special someone a certification, say on the 3D printer or the laser cutter? Or buying someone some time on one of our amazing rapid prototyping machines? Well, now you can! You can find these perfect stocking stuffers here, at our new web shop!


GC - $150


That’s it from us for now! Expect to see a bit more about these pieces in the days to come, however, as the members that made them break down their design processes and the trials of actually putting them together.


Until then, happy holiday shopping!

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